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BVCP School Age Curriculum

The curriculum at Blackstone Valley Children’s Place is founded on the belief that all children deserve a strong foundation in educational skills.

BVCP also believes that the School Age Child, after an academically oriented day at school, needs ample opportunities to practice social skills and develop positive emotional growth.

Choosing to be part of a large group, to join a small group, or to work alone is up to each child. Our teachers’ responsibility is to encourage every child to experience each of these choices.

Scheduled projects, board games, puzzles and themed centers are examples of the materials used to provide these varied opportunities. Several afternoons a week, the Athletic Department will offer sports activities and the Aquatics Department will offer open recreational swims; WCC membership and signed parental permission slips are required to participate. The children in the school age program enjoy roller skating on most Fridays and homework help is always available.

Summer School Age encompasses a full day. A themed project, opened centers, and outside play are morning choices while the afternoon again offers outside play, centers, and a new project. Our goal during the summer is to provide experiences that help the children maintain the skills they learned during the school year.

The Athletic Department will offer *tennis lessons and open recreational gym time and the Aquatics Department will offer *swim lessons and open recreational swims; WCC Membership and signed parental permission slips are required to participate.

*Denotes an additional fee will be paid when you register for the class.


Blackstone Valley Children’s Place, Camp Whitin and Youth Outreach
programs are all affiliates of the Whitin Community Center.
Facility Closures & Cancellations
For preschool (Room 2), there will be no class if Northbridge Public Schools have closed for any reason. If NPS has cancelled their morning preschool, BVCP morning preschool is cancelled as well.
For all other child care programs, check closings on or call 508-234-8184.
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